Project Synopsis

Preliminary process evaluation of a biomass gasifier, associated gas cleaning system, and third party engineering review of pilot plant.

Project Summary


The client owns the design of a proprietary pilot-scale gasifier for biomass.  Process Engineering Associates (PROCESS) was contracted by the client to perform a preliminary process evaluation of the gasifier and associated gas cleaning system, which was designed to render a product gas suitable for use by prospective end-users.

Project tasks included the following:

  • Used client gas stream characterization to calculate the heat balance of the system
  • Preliminary technical evaluation of the pilot facility’s gasifier and gas cleaning systems

The client wanted an independent review of the pilot system to present to prospective clients of the commercial-scale system currently in development.  PROCESS developed a final project report that included conclusions as to the technical feasibility of the existing pilot-scale facility.  Furthermore, PROCESS presented several potential process improvement ideas to the client for the gas cleaning system to improve the operability of the commercial-scale system.

Industry Type

  • Alternative Fuels
  • Syngas Production

Utilized Skills

  • Heat balance
  • Syngas cleaning process review
  • Pilot plant evaluation

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