HEY, Engineering Company - How Can You Use Us?

Engineering companies we talk to for the first time often say something like “I know we need process help, but how can we effectively use you?”  First off, for you engineering companies that have no chemical engineers, please note that we have no mechanicals, electricals, civils, etc. and we do not provide detail design services, so there are no competitive considerations.  In addition, how much happier would your customers be if you were more of a one-stop source for all of their engineering needs – including process services?  You position yourself to bid on larger scope jobs and prevent your customers from having to go elsewhere to get things done.

For you engineering companies that do have process capabilities, relax – we will never be competing against you on a turnkey project, and most of you make the majority of your money in detail design or construction anyway.  We are also experienced with, and sensitive to any competitive situations.  You won’t find us snooping out who your other process engineering clients are and then calling them.  Hey, we have a relationship with you and we won’t want to mess that up.

So, how is it done?  Well, if you have a well-defined scope of work for us to do, our project manager will come to your office to receive the project basis information and make sure that the scope, budget, and schedule are all well defined and understood.  The project manager will then return to our office and execute the scope of work or manage a team of process engineers that executes the scope of work.  At the end of the project, the deliverables can be sent to you in electronic and/or paper format and, if you desire, the project manager can return to your office long enough to discuss the results of the project.  Doing the vast majority of the work in our office saves significant time and cost (saves travel and living expenses as well as prevents inefficiencies from us not using our in-house tools and resources).

It works.  We do it all the time.  We once successfully did about 1½ years of process design work in our offices for an engineering company in Australia before we ever actually met anyone from this firm.  And this was in 2000-2001.  Electronic communications are far better now (workgroup remote network access, secure FTP file transfers, web meetings, e-mail, etc.). Some of our clients have given us project-by-project remote access to their server system so that we can function as a seamless extension of their design team. In some cases we have been part of a multi-national project in this manner. We view this as being the ultimate in taking full advantage of our remote process group augmentation.

By the way, you do it all the time yourself.  You go to the client site, get the required project information, and do the majority of the work in your office whether the client site is blocks away or time zones away.  Right?  So what’s the difference?

Okay, so what if your scope of work is not that well defined and there needs to be significant interaction with other project team members in your office?  In that event, we are not averse at all to working in your office as required.  Taking direction from your project manager and working effectively with your project team.  It costs more of course, but sometimes that’s the best way to complete the work.  Once again, we have successfully executed or assisted in the execution of significant process engineering and design work from multiple client engineering company offices. View an Example On-Site Support Project or view some of the many other Engineering Subcontract Projects we have performed.

Oh, and by the way, please don't fall into the trap of considering us only as a last resort in emergencies. You're missing the boat if you do. We recommend that EPC clients make a conscious, pre-meditated decision to try us out by using one of our engineers as part of a design team project even when you have enough internal resources available. Try us once when your not in a bind and you will begin to understand what benefits we can bring you. This will allow you to make a better informed decision down the road when you don't have resources and the pressure is on. Try us once - we promise you will like us!

Give us a call and we can help explain how you can expand your design services to include chemical process engineering or how we can augment your existing process group with high-end, experienced chemical engineers.  It’s a win-win situation, as many engineering companies have already discovered.

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