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Our Services

PROCESS can provide preliminary design packages; mass and energy balances; complete process design packages with equipment specifications, capital and operating cost estimates; and any number of other process engineering services.

We have worked on a broad range of continuous chemical projects for many years, and that breadth allows us to rapidly respond to our client's needs with quality engineering information. A few of the project categories completed many times by PROCESS have included:

  • Capital Project Development Support (FEL-0, 1, 2, 3)
  • Pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Studies, FEED Packages, and FEED Verification Services
  • Greenfield/Brownfield Plant Design
  • Continuous Process Scale-up
  • Capacity Evaluations
  • Process Debottlenecking
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Chemical Recovery System Design
  • Process Simulation
  • Operations Evaluation
  • Utilities Systems Evaluation
  • Flare System Studies
  • Relief Valve Sizing Validation
  • Waste Treatment System Design
  • and more....




Our Clients


The trend for traditional upstream suppliers of petrochemical feed stocks to diversify into downstream petrochemical products continues to grow. Existing manufacturers must strive to maintain a quality product and look for optimization opportunities in order to survive. PROCESS has helped many clients by designing and optimizing existing processes to produce quality products more efficiently (less energy, higher yields, etc.) while minimizing waste (raw materials recovery/recycle, less unconverted carry over, etc.). Our clients involved in producing a variety of chemicals span the industry gamut and include:

  • Local engineering and plant management
  • Local safety management (HSE managers and PSM coordinators)
  • Corporate engineering groups
  • Multi-national petrochemical companies
  • Plant investment groups
  • Process equipment manufacturers
  • Detail engineering and A/E clients
  • Process inventors and technology providers

Our Experience

Regardless of the originating raw material feed stock (petroleum, natural gas, syngas, coal, etc.), PROCESS is able to provide a wide range of process engineering services to petrochemical manufacturers producing or using ethylene, propylene, xylenes, toluene, or any of their many intermediates and derivatives. Our company and our engineers have a great deal of process design, operations, and process safety experience within all types of chemical plants. Our experience ranges from designing a major plant expansion in support of new or existing products, to performing emissions estimate calculations to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Many of our engineers have spent years running and supporting chemical plant operations. We know from experience that just trying to keep up with production issues is a full time job. Keeping products consistent and in spec, running production trials in support of product development, making sure raw materials suppliers meet quality requirements, assisting with client and corporate audits, planning maintenance/turnarounds/capital projects, etc. PROCESS can help improve your operation by scoping, designing, or implementing any number of process improvement type projects. As long as your project/problem requires the skills of experienced chemical engineers - we can help. See our Petrochemical Project Experience.


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