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You're Kidding....Use Outside Process Services?

One of the cornerstone principles of PROCESS has been our desire to provide premium chemical engineering services to as many types of clients as possible. One of these market groups is Licensed Process Technology Developers or Licensed Technology Providers who sell their know how, and often times specialized equipment, to plant operating companies. Such technology is almost always patented and provides the operating company with an opportunity to realize better yields or other processing advantages not achievable otherwise. In many cases, such technology may be the best available and was achieved by years of research and development (R&D) efforts. PROCESS recognizes that the ideas, know how, process information, equipment details, and key operating data are the entire foundation upon which such companies are built. It takes enormous trust for such companies to share such information with process experts outside of the company. That is why PROCESS vowed from the very beginning never to become a technology provider so that companies will feel secure in using our services to help them provide better technology. By not becoming a technology or equipment provider, PROCESS also ensures that we remain totally independent and unbiased to the benefit of our plant clients.

Because of our company's business strategy, technology provider clients have the opportunity of utilizing an independent group of world-class chemical engineers with complete peace of mind.




How We Can Help

One of the ways PROCESS can help technology providers is by helping optimize their process offering. While we don't have any R&D facilities to offer, our engineers have a broad range of process operations, process design, and process optimization experience that can often help uncover those hidden opportunities to make a good process even better.

Another way PROCESS can help is by providing thorough and efficient balance of plant and integration design services to the ultimate client who purchases a licensed technology. This engineering support is often seen as a distraction to technology providers and, if performed incorrectly, can lead to unhappy clients. By using PROCESS as an independent 3rd party for these functions, technology providers can have confidence that the job will be done correctly without having to rely on the client to source this effort to an unknown group. An additional benefit is having a reliable 'on call' group without having to maintain an expensive internal staff to perform such work.

PROCESS can also aid in the front end marketing by offering an independent 3rd party process validation study to the ultimate client. This helps your client know that they are getting good technology that is the right fit for their processing goals before making a significant investment. PROCESS has performed such studies as a single stand alone technology evaluation or by way of comparison of multiple process technology options. Beware - PROCESS has to actually believe your technology is right for the client's application before we will recommend it!



Regardless of the size of your technology company (large or small start up), PROCESS is able and willing to assist, and you can be assured your proprietary information is safe with us.

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